Athalia AngelFire

Name: Athalia AngelFire

Age: 12 (adult in tiger years)

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 128 lbs

Body type: Slender

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: tiger blue

Hair color and style: short, jet black, curly

Distinguishing features: feline eyes, orange and black striped fur, tail, feline teeth and ears, wears a sports bra-type top and shorts for ease of movement

Skills, abilities and talents: housekeeping, cooking, capable warrior

Areas of expertise: housekeeping, knife throwing, quarter staff

General personality type: friendly, patient

Introvert/extrovert: extrovert

Quirks: too patient at times

Eccentricities: nonconforming

IQ: 150

Temperament: unflinching, doesn’t quit in the face of adversity

Method of handling anger: target practice

Admirable traits: not easily fooled, bookish, patient, responsible

Bad habits: offers advice when it’s not wanted

Pet peeves: excessive obsession

Sense of humor: slapstick

Fears: snakes

Hobbies: spelunking

Interests: painting

Sports: archery

Favorite pastime: reading

Favorite outfit: crop top, shorts

Favorite pet saying: Patience is a virtue

Speaking style: casual

Philosophy of life: good things come to those who wait

Home: Sunless Mountains, migratory

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