Name: Nosos

Meaning of name: Disease

Age: over 1,000



Body type: sinewy

Physical condition: fit

Eye color: light sapphire

Hair color and style: long, flint black, straight

Power: poisonous plants and animals

Distinguishing features: dark green dress

Skills, abilities and talents:

Areas of expertise:

General personality type:






Method of handling anger:

Admirable traits:

Negative traits:

Bad habits:

Pet peeves:

Things that embarrass:

Sense of humor:



Favorite pastime:

Favorite outfit:

Favorite pet saying:

Philosophy of life:

Home: Keres Castle

Nosos is like Batman‘s Poison Ivy, though she doesn’t have to mix chemicals and such to get plants and poisonous things to do what she wants. She does it naturally and she controls anything poisonous, regardless of the level of toxicity. This makes her dangerous for Dream Angel and her friends with the exception of Teikou no Senshi, who has a natural resistance to poison and can heal others of it. Since Teikou no Senshi has a natural resistance to her poison, Nosos generally targets her first to get her out of the way so she can move on to attack Dream Angel and anyone else in her way. Nosos is one of the calmer Keres. She doesn’t anger easily most of the time and this only makes her more dangerous. Unlike her sisters and brother, she’s cool and collected even with all the heroes firing insults at her. Nosos knows the value of attacking without anger and won’t attack in anger.

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