Characters of Techwarrior

Ready to meet the characters of Techwarrior? They’re quite special in their own right.

The second series of this site is no less important than the first. Techwarrior is very special in his own right. Commissioned by a good friend to re-create his logo in 3D, that re-created logo has become a comic book character. The series is a collaborative effort, commissioned to have a 12 book run with the option of going further.

After the initial render of the 3D logo, the idea came about some time later for making it a comic book character and from that idea, characters began to be developed. These are their profiles to help you learn more about them. They’re separated by hero, villain and villain ally so you know where they stand in the story, too.

Techwarrior heroes:

Techwarrior villains:

Techwarrior villain allies: