Flying spider



Meet the flying spider, but let me give credit where credit’s due. This creature’s based directly on this Wizard of ID cartoon:  Let me be completely clear: it’s not copyright infringement, as the creature I designed is simply based on the cartoon.


From this silly little joke, came this creature:


and from this creature came this fuzzy spider. Interestingly, this is an especially mean creature that resides in the Sunless Mountains. Unlike Bitsy’s species of spider, which is only harmful to insect-type creatures, this one is dangerous to even humanoids and dragons. It answers an important question that arises in the story, but I won’t spoil it.

A classic reaction would be “eww!!” Viscous as this guy is in the books, he’s very soft and cuddly as a plush. He’s made of a soft fake fur that’s dark brown at the root and light brown at the tip. The wings are a stiffened lace and eyes of pom poms. This spider’s just looking for a hug.

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