• Katrilina outfit is made of a soft knit. Tulle connects the gloves and shoes to the outfit
    • Body made with a pattern from Prairie Crocus Studio
    • international shipping is available by request
    • All new materials used.

Katrilina hates the phrase, “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” and nothing gets her angrier. With her power mostly mysterious, the most anyone knows is that Katrilina can transform herself physically into any cat in the feline family. This gives her a choice of 37 different cats, but the one distinguishing mark they all share when she changes into one of them is a pure white tail. Over the heroes’ communication channels, Katrilina usually gets called “Kat” for short, though she hates the nickname. Of course, the argument is usually interrupted by something more important.

She might verbally hate the nickname, but inside, she appreciates having friends willing to give her a nickname. This makes it a play fight, and her friends all know this. Generally, she’ll save the play fight for private and take the real fighting far more seriously. Among her feline battle forms she uses the leopard, panther, tiger and lioness the most.

A note about the action figure:

  • Though generally meant for ages 3 and up, you can request I take extra precautions for children under the age of 3. These cloth action figures are designed specifically to be washable, as well.

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