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Soft weapons? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Not in this case, it’s not! These weapons really are soft. Most are made of poly cotton, and despite being soft, are most definitely not for ages 3 and under! They’re small and definitely are a choking hazard. Most importantly, these soft weapons have very strong magnets inside them unless otherwise noted. These magnets can also be added to the action figures’ hands to enable them to “hold” the weapons.

  • The sword comes with its scabbard. It’s made of a spandex-type fabric and silver liquid lame’. The magnet is in the handle of the sword and a belt is added to the scabbard with a snap closure.



  • The spear is made of a soft poly cotton with a liquid lame’ spearhead. The magnet is inside the handle.




  • The mace is made of a fairly stiff fabric with points pressed into it to give it the appearance of being metallic. Its poly cotton handle contains a magnet.




  • The crossbow is made of a poly cotton with elastic for its string. The bolt it comes with is silver liquid lame’. Although soft, this weapon does fire and can potentially cause harm! The magnet is in the handle of the crossbow.



  • Extra bolts for the crossbow is a 10 pack of just that: bolts for the crossbow! These are small and can easily be lost, so these are replacements!




  • The bow is made of poly cotton with an elastic string. The magnet is in the bow. The arrow is made of poly cotton with a silver liquid lame’ arrowhead. Like the crossbow, this weapon does fire an can possibly cause harm!



  • Extra arrows come in a 10 pack because let’s face it: they’re small like the crossbow bolts and easy to lose!




  • The rifle is a combination of poly cotton and liquid lame’. It has a magnet inside the butt and inside the barrel. As long as these don’t shift and stick to one another, characters with magnetic hands can use both hands to hold it.



  • The pistol is a soft black knit and fits neatly in the holster on the gun belt. It has a small super magnet inside the handle.




  • The gun belt is a faux leather with holster for the pistol and also has a soft black knit stuffed radio with its own holster. A perfect accessory for Lt. Arum!




  • The katana is made of silver and gold liquid lame’ with black satin ribbon wrapping on the handle for a realistic look and a small magnet inside. The scabbard is a soft brown knit with a matching belt that has a snap closure.



  • The axe is made of poly cotton and silver vinyl with a magnet in the handle.




  • The computer is made of black vinyl with silver acrylic painted detailing and a magnet in its base.




  • The dagger is made of silver vinyl and poly cotton with a magnet in the handle.




  • The grenade launcher is made of black vinyl and could pass for a tommy gun from the 20’s. It has a magnet in its handle.




  • This simple helmet is liquid lame’ and while it wouldn’t really be protective, it would look good anyway.




  • This set of nunchucks has magnets in each poly cotton handle and is connected by gold cord.




  • This simple handheld walkie-talkie radio has a magnet inside and fits in a pocket in the gun belt.




  • These twin sais have magnets in their poly cotton handles and silver vinyl blades.




  • This shield has a soft knit back and straps for gripping, foam inside and a spiked pleather front that makes it excellent at blocking unwanted attacks!




  • This simple poly cotton quarter staff has two magnets inside for two-handed holding. It’s excellent as a defensive, non-lethal weapon.




  • This fine metallic whip has a soft knit handle with a magnet inside. Cryptolock‘s weapon of choice.



Make sure your action figures have magnets in their hands so they can hold the weapons!
To do this, when you order your character, add a note that you’d like magnetic hands!

I warn again in big, bold letters: these are not for small children 3 and under! These are still weapons and most certainly a choking hazard! Any and all warnings for small parts and children 3 and under apply!

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