Vampire Jerigel SwampFang




  • Jerigel SwampFang is made of a soft, bumpy fuzzy fleece with clear plastic wings melted on the edges for safety.
  • international shipping is available

Jerigel loves a challenge. This is perhaps the best reason why he has yet to bite Dream Angel or any of her friends. He has more fun toying with them and threatening to bite.

He’s an interesting sort of vampire. For starters, he’s an insect vampire that’s human-size, standing at about 6′ tall. Three bites from this mirror speech talking bug and all you’ll retain of your humanity is your height as you become a cockroach and vampire yourself.

There is some debate as to whether or not Jerigel is a traditional undead vampire or a different sort, since he is able to go out in day light, tossing a sock in a river doesn’t bother him, a cross just makes him mad, garlic he likes to eat and he doesn’t care about not having a reflection. Even tangled thread doesn’t bother him. Most of the common methods of killing a vampire don’t bother him.

A spider – any size – will very much upset his roaches so he can’t control them, but nobody knows if a spider can kill him.

A note about the action figure:

  • Though generally meant for ages 3 and up, you can request I take extra precautions for children under the age of 3. These cloth action figures are designed specifically to be washable, as well.

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