Adventurous comic books

What happened to the adventurous comic books? I confess I don’t read as many comics as most, but what I’ve seen lately has been disappointing. I’ve seen my share of classic “Golden Age” comics with the funny stories and cheerful colors. They were adventurous with the stories, too. Heroes didn’t have to die constantly to keep reader interest alive.

Even the darker characters such as The Shadow and Green Hornet had their moments of fun and wit with interesting stories more often than not. Looking at more modern comics I find myself wondering, “Where’s the fun and adventure?”

Well, not to sound like an ad or anything, but I can say Dream Angel and Techwarrior both have some of the Golden Age fun and wit. Techwarrior is the darker of the two, but he still can crack a good joke to bring a smile to readers’ faces.


The idea is to balance old fashioned and modern. The art uses CGI techniques while the stories have that classic adventurous fun and wit. Engrossing beauty with fun characters and thrilling story. This mixture gives both series their marvelous charm.

In other news, Dream Angel #22 has begun rendering! Okay, it’s going far slower than usual, but it has begun. Artistically, this looks to be quite an adventurous comic book. For those that saw the end of Dream Angel #21, you know something big is going to happen very soon. If you haven’t caught up with the story, you should! This is going to be very exciting!

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