Techwarrior #6 Saturday, April 7th!

Yep! It’s time for the long-awaited release of Techwarrior #6! This coming Saturday April 7th, we’ll be having a live event and an online event.

If you can get to the live event, you’ll get to meet the authors and artist, buy signed books and even get plush action figures of the characters right there. Quantities at the event will be limited, however.

As a special treat for that day only, signed Techwarrior #6 books

will be available here on the site in the shop, but if you can get to the event, you really should! So, from Noon to 2:30 P.M. at

Big Bang Comics

437 Broad St

Sewickley, PA

You’ll find the event in full swing!

On the Dream Angel side, Dream Angel #25 is in production and despite a week’s delay for an HDRI that needed rendering, it’s coming along beautifully because the HDRI now provides light and background to speed up the renders that go in the book.

You might also possibly have noticed that there’s new characters in the shop. Yep! Cryptolock, Infiltrator, Sensei and Aishi Teru have all joined Techwarrior in the shop as soft action figures!

As a creator, (if I may be permitted the personal reference) Sensei and Infiltrator are an amazingly good-looking pair of creatures. Both designed from scratch and both turned out absolutely amazing.

Adding to the weapons list will be Cryptolock’s whip. Made with a soft handle that has a magnet inside so he can “hold” it magnetically, it will feature a silvery braid for the actual whip.

Pictures will be appearing when it’s finished in the Facebook group everyone’s welcome to join: Dream Angel, Techwarrior and Hillbilly Hoot Comic Books! You’ll also find the online Facebook party event for Techwarrior #6 there! We’ll be partying here on the Active discussions page, too!

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