The shop is fixed!!

The shop is once again all up and running, but there’s one problem presently: you can’t log in to buy things. For the time being, all you can do is look and drool, unless you’re on Facebook and willing to message me to use PayPal that way. Things are gradually returning to normal, though. You’ll find me working hard to get things back to 100%.

If you want to keep up with all the latest news (that’s not posted here, that is!) you’ll want to join the Facebook group and keep in touch that way. Every now and then, you’ll find games and other fun things going on to go with the news of the rebuild.

As things get fixed, the group is more likely to have the news announced and quite noisily, I might add. More often than not, things will simply appear here, rather than being announced. Having the store fixed and waiting is enough of a big deal to be announced here as well as there, but you’ll find other things won’t get quite as much noise here.

I know all the shop images are the 3D renderings I’ve done of characters, and there aren’t any pictures of the plush characters – yet – it was more urgent to get the base images and prices setup first. Going back and adding in the actual product images can be more gradual.

Okay, opinion time: What do you think of the new rebuild so far? Are the new shop images impressive? I know you can’t answer here, but you can pop into that group and offer your thoughts.


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